About Us

Natural Energia company is a limited liability partnership, founded in June 2nd 2012, under the rules of Brazil´s law. Currently the company’s head quarter is located at 651, Santa Luzia St, 31o floor, Downtown Rio de Janeiro. The company acts in greenfield, M&A and Real Estate businesses, all areas connected to power generation.


To contribute for a world of sustainable energy, by developing clean tech power generation projects. Assuring solid investment returns to our investors, clients and partners, with the highest socio-environmental and ethical standards.

Our Values

1.Entrepreneurship: we understand that an entrepreneurial spirit promotes new ideas. At Natural Energia, we seek to identify good opportunities to develop clean tech energy projects and transform them into profitable business.
2. Financial Discipline: we believe that every investment is unique and goes through a strict process of analysis and control of its cash flow. We are disciplined in our investments and we only invest in businesses that we have full knowledge.
3. Meritocracy: we reward our team according to their individual performance and their contribution to company performance.


Organizational Structure of Natural Energia