We value true partnerships

You can be our partner, monetize your land and contribute to decarbonization.

Land Owners

Real Estate

Invest in a more sustainable and profitable future with leasing to produce clean energy.

Natural Energia has a real estate area dedicated to site regularization, leasing, or acquisition to strategically support our project development activities.

Land Acquisition

Guided by a competent and experienced in real estate team, the Natural Energy has negotiated properties in several Brazilian states. The company also seeks, on a global scale, areas with potential for clean energy generation.

Land Lease Contracting

In addition to a diversified portfolio of properties already acquired, Natural Energy has already leased more than 30,000 ha (hectares) within the scope of its projects. Guided by a culture of respect and trust, the relationship with the landowners is a true partnership bringing, excellent results for both parties.

Register your property

If you have interest in finding the energetic potential of you land and to be part of a clean energy project, contributing not only to the diversification of the Brazilian energetic matrix, but with the sustainable use of our natural resources, sing in as a landowner.

Fill out your name, email and send us your property coordinates or a geolocation archive (land boundaries preferably) and we will contact you soon. These archives must be in Google Earth (.kmz) or AutoCad (.dwg) type formats. For other formats, contact us.