Natural Energia is the group's electricity platform.

We operate in the electricity generation and infrastructure with a focus on segments that contribute to the energy transition.

Founded in 2012, the company has clean tech power generation projects that exceed 5.0 GW and part of these projects has already been transferred its ownership rights into large utilities.

The company has been working in Brazil and the United States, where we aim to grow our operations. We go beyond generation; we work to boost a new low-carbon era.

5,0 GW

 in developed projects

Our address

Rua Santa Luzia, 651, 31st floor
Downtown, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

In this sense, we are working on new frontiers of technology, such as green hydrogen, green ammonia, batteries, and infrastructure for electric transportation.

If you are interested in adding clean power generation projects to your portfolio, contact us. We will be pleased to support you.


Natural Energia has a continuing mission of contributing to a new low-carbon era by investing in clean energy infrastructure assets aiming to create long-term value for our shareholders with the highest environmental, social and, governance standards.

Our Values


We understand that an entrepreneurial spirit promotes new ideas. At Natural Energia, we seek to identify promising opportunities to develop clean tech energy projects and transform them into profitable businesses which must contribute to the energy transition.


We reward our team according to their individual performance and contribution to company performance.


We believe that every investment is unique and goes through a strict process of analysis and control of its cash flow. We are disciplined in our investments and only invest in businesses that we have full knowledge of.

Our team

We have a highly experienced team that combines youth with more than 150 years of combined experience.

Ricardo Salgado Martins 

CEO & Founding Partner

Vladimir Raposo

Chairman of the Board & Founding Partner

Bruno Karrer

Business Development Director

Ana Carolina Salgado Martins

CFO & Partner

Luisângelo Costa

Institutional Director

Leandro Nunes Mota

CIO & Partner